About Unwrapping Conflict


“So we live in a far from perfect world but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and make it better” Danielle Bonner, Unwrapping Conflict Creator

When we think of conflict what enters our minds?

Do we picture visons of open violence, war, battles, fighting, weapons, arguments and disagreement? But is conflict not more than these visions?

If we look around the world we see various conflicts operating at a local and international level. Some are openly violent which makes then often easy to point out such as some current ongoing regional civil wars, while there are other forms of conflict that are non-violent but just as damaging such as social inequality and prejudice.

No conflict is ever the same but the one thing that is true, is that the people living with and experiencing the effects of any conflict is that all they want to see and live in is peace. The question then is how do we get to peace and end social conflicts? A question that brings with it many challenges locally and globally.

Unwrapping Conflict has been created therefore to highlight the issues which create conflict, impact and could resolve it. By definition of its name it seeks to unwrap the elements which both foster and resolve these conflicts.

Through digital media unwrapping conflict shares real life stories, news and research relating to issues which impact conflict and peace development. With the aim of helping to understand our often crazy and complex world! While it also seeks to raise awareness to social issues and empower people for peaceful change.

Areas of focus include; Peacebuilding, Women’s Rights and Equality, Cultural Diversity and Dialogue, Youth Empowerment, Human Rights, Non-Violent Civil Resistance and more.

We embrace social media for peace advocacy so please Follow & Like us on Facebook and Twitter And if you have any work you would like to share with us please do get in touch just  email us on unwrappingconflict@gmail.com

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