Creator Danielle Bonner


I like to describe myself as a budding peacebuilder who is open to new learning and travelling experiences. Having graduated in 2011 with a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies I have since been involved in a range of peacebuilding activities and projects in Northern Ireland and supported a number of youth and peace projects in Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Developed projects include; the ‘Voices for Peace’ which engaged and encourage people from Afghanistan and 16 other counties to share their work, hopes and ideas for the advancement of peace. And the ‘Be Inspired’ initiative which raised awareness over women’s rights in Afghanistan. Profiling the experiences and roles of women in Afghanistan, and created an online space for men and women in Afghanistan and community groups to discuss the role and issues effecting women in the country.

Believing in the importance of engaging with and supporting youth empowerment and skill development in 2014 I travelled to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I delivered workshops to youths on using social media for social innovation which resulted in the students developing a project called ‘Journal of Youth’.

For me technology and in particular social media offers a great social platform for peace advocacy. I therefore developed the social media brand Unwrapping Conflict, as a international platform to discuss issues relating to society, such as peace and conflict.

While it’s in early development my vision is to further develop it into a global network to include projects which raise awareness to social issues and empower people for change.


International Relations, Peacebuilding, Statebuilding, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Women’s Right. Regions of interest include; Afghanistan, Middle East and Northern Ireland.

Projects developed and worked on include:


Healthy Starts Local and Global Maternal Health Workshops

Introduction to MDGs with a focus on maternal health. Opening up group learning and discussion to development issues and the links locally and globally.


Mostar Summer Youth ProgrammeBe Informed About Your 2014 Local Election Candidates and Inspiring Change


Voices for Peace and Be Inspired 

I am active on social media so can be found on twitter if you want to hear my views! or connect with me on Linkedin

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